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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Confession Time

It's all gone ever so slightly wrong I fear on the purchases front.....  I seem to have got to the point where people get to in a diet.  It was all going so well and then, well, you sort of have a bit of a binge.  And then you think, well in for a penny, in for a pound, if I'm going to binge, I'm going to binge large.  

I fear I may have blown the doors off binge. 

So the plan was for three items of clothing a month, one accessory and one pair of shoes.  If you were replacing something billy basic and could legitimately throw one away then that was allowed.  This is where you can all get creative and decide what constitutes a billy basic for you (and I would go so far as to say a new coat doesn't fit the criteria - I'd probably look the other way for a pair of jeans if they are the same style as the ones you've got rid of.   Thinking more along the lines of white tees and plain, ridiculously plain, round or v neck jumpers.....she says, knowing her navy one is on its last legs and needs to be consigned to the dog basket)

I'm thinking about having a dry August.  Actually, no I have to have a dry August.  By rights, I should have half a dry September as well but let's tackle August first and review in September.  

So I've finally tackled my demons and written down how we went for the past couple of months.  It's bad.  But actually it's not "as" bad as I had perhaps feared.  However the possibility of me having forgotten to add something is quite high.  Very high.  


Dress - DVF
Sweatshirt - JCrew
Tee - Zoe Karssen

Black sliders - Zara

Straw Hat 


Print top - Zara
Tee - Zoe Karssen
Violet Dress - Acne

White sliders - River Island

Handbag - Prada


Dress - Sportmax 
Navy and white coat - Hobbs
Linen dress - Next

Studded boots - Zara

And there you - not going too badly at all, eh?  Except that I sort of have to carry on........ Pretending it's August......


Khaki paint splattered jeans - Zara
Leather skirt - Whistles 
Navy and white shirt - Zara

Ash Jalouse 

And I wish I could stop there.  But alas there are TWO more purchases that will have to slip into September's tally......


Linen peasant top - Massimo Dutti
Leopard print ponyskin shoes - Zara

On the upside (glass half full me) I am actually down on purchases for the accessories.  Oh the irony - do you think I could swap a pair of shoes or a top for an accessory purchase? 

What I can do though is have a dry August.  Yup, you read that correctly, I am going to buy nada next month.  Squat, zip, diddly, nothing.  I will however, be planning on with my Wish List at a rate of knots, have no fear. 

Actually there may be method to my self imposed madness.  I shall sit back and watch the madness of the pre fall collections unfold and let the panic buying of the first A/W gems commence.  I say "sit back", I shall be biting my fingernails to the quick, rocking in a corner at what I'm missing out on, truth be told.

But, needs must.  And today, I've started thinking about what I've bought this year and last year and what really has worked for me as investment.  Also thinking about packing for hols next week and top of my list of must haves are my sweatshirts. 

Funny thing is, last year when we went to Suffolk on holiday I had just got my first sweatshirt from Zara and it was an absolute experiment.  A year and a couple of months on (we went early last year!), they are main pieces of my wardrobe and are the perfect year round pieces (she says sat here typing in one as we speak) 

So whilst I can't buy any - a) I already have 6 and b) I'm not allowed (although we do still have two days of July left but let's be frank, that will just make September even more of a challenge so let's not go there) 

Starting with the not so dreggy dregs of the sale (apparently dreggy is actually a word according to my spell check - go figure) 

This Lilac sweatshirt would work perfectly now with white and denim but I've come to love lilac with navy and tan as well - ideal for a winter wardrobe. 

Stargirl Tech Sweatshirt from Rika at Matches was £145 now £43

Little bit of Markus Lupfer for only £66 was £165. It's only rock & roll sweatshirt.  What's not to love here?

Love this plain grey version - so so so versatile.  French Terry cotton sweatshirt from T by Alexander Wang was £163 now £81

Now I wouldn't wear this as an outfit with the trousers as well but on its own with black jeans or trousers, white shirt underneath, over a leather skirt or even culottes or plain old jeans (add trainers, wedge trainers, boots, sliders or stilettos), this works on every single level. 

Polka Dot Cotton sweatshirt from Elizabeth and James was £205 now £82

Now I am actually quite tempted to buy this as an heirloom for my rather sartorial 5 year old who I think may well find this the coolest thing on the planet in a couple of years (the little boy who insists on me finding "skinny" school trousers, wears pink nail varnish on his toes all year round, is adorned with pink and pastel loom bracelets that he refuses to take off and whose favourite song is Let it Go. I adore that child who's not even 6!) 

I Heart Marc Jacobs Sweatshirt - was £185 now £92

Now maybe it's because my daughter is obsessed with all things vintage Disney at the moment (her dearest wish in life is to become a cartoonist) and so I have Mickey et al on the brain but I actually think this, with an outfit of black and white, Francophile style could look uber chic. 

Mango Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt was £27.99 now £19.99

This is another Mango one in grey which is ideal for the party season coming up but right now, perfect with faded denim to dress down or over white.  Ideal for taking in holiday and for throwing on in the evening over a little black or white dress.  Or even shorts. 

Mango Metallic Sweatshirt in grey was £34.99 now £19.99

On a grey roll here with this bargain from ASOS. 

ASOS Burnout waffle sweatshirt was £22 now £16.50

And in a red version - this would look great with greys and whites. 

ASOS Burnout Waffle sweatshirt in red now £16.50 was £22

Ok I am officially in a grey note again, can you see I'm rather obsessed with this shade?  Just so so so versatile. 

Zoe Karssen L&ve is everything print £67 from ASOS

New season khaki at Mango in Camo-print £19.99

And I'm sure there will be loads more (undoubtedly there will be loads more but I have my stack that will get me through August at least)  To be revisited.... Are you a Sweatshirt covert like me?  Or are you totally a no thank you kinda gal?

Finishing with outfits from yesterday and today.  Kids all at clubs although we went swimming late yesterday afternoon.  Today I have been unpacking the kitchen, packing the playroom up and painting stools.  Oh the glamour.... 


Bandeau Jumpsuit - By Malene Birger
Black glitter flipflops - Primark 
Straw hat - Fat Face 
Black Faridah bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs


Grey jewelled arm sweatshirt - Zara
Saxby boyfriend jeans - ASOS 
Black sliders - Zara 

So The Husband is out tonight and I am being bombarded with new season emails.... or I could finish painting my stools.... which was do you think I'm going to jump?

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Oh I've caved.

I said I wasn't going to do it - I swore I wasn't going to do it.  I was going to stick to the list.  I wasn't going to get swayed by glossy brochures, ads in magazines or pretty pics on Instagram. 

Well that went well.  Not.  Every year it's the same.  Blooming Boden.  Actually it's everyone that sends me something I can peruse at leisure in bed, on the sofa, in the car whilst waiting for the kids - something of a paper nature.  So we can hold Next, The White Company, Plumo, Hush, Wrap & Baukjen et al equally as responsible.  

But Boden get the brunt of my fury today as they are always first with their seasonal leaflet of torture. 

However they also get an entire blog devoted to all things of loveliness that they are TORTURING ME WITH.  I know that I can look at loads of other things online but I am still somewhat old school and love a catalogue.  I'll get my zimmer frame.... But it can't be just me surely?

There is something so alluring about seeing a lifestyle set out all for you.  Oh I know, it's saccharine sweet, those jolly, perky ladies are no way old (or knackered looking enough) to have kids the same age as the ones that gamble along next to them, all clean and well behaved.  Boak. 

And I love it.  I will admit that I was never the hugest fan of Boden generally, though all three of my children have been dressed head to toe courtesy of Johnnie (via a small mortgage....) but in the last couple of years, without a shadow of a doubt, they have upped their game enormously.  Whilst they do still have a couple of "Boden Favourites" (as they absolutely should - they certainly had a huge fan base and did exactly what it said on the tin), they definitely have turned a huge corner and are suddenly swimming in the same sea as some of our other more on trend favourite stores. 

Must point out - this post has zero sponsorship and nothing has been gifted by Boden.  This is my Wish List. 

To be honest, I take back any apology as I LOVE doing this (not just from Boden but from every catalogue that I get sent).  I love seeing things that I think I can slot neatly into my wardrobe, giving a new lease of life to the old dogs from last year and the rest of the decrepit beasts from my wardrobe. 

I will however, point out that the chances of these fitting into my capsule wardrobe are middling.  Middling to slim.  Slim to not very high at all....

Ach but that's what a Wish List is supposed to be.  

10% off full price code by the way I found by googling - M34B.  There are always a gazillion Boden codes hanging around for a discount plus free delivery and free returns.  Never ever ever pay full price.

Starting therefore from the outside in, jackets and coats.  Having got into my coat groove last year and eschewed all sniffs of a pink coat (actually, no I did buy one but returned it), nothing like being a whole season late and having top of my Wish List a pink coat.  Ha ha ha.  I am going to blame early onslaught Alzheimer's. 

Eliza Coat £189

They also do it in a navy but I have to say, seeing the pink above with the denim (well dark navy - in my head, denim would actually be a lot better) and the leopard print and nude accessories, I am totally sold. 

Navy Eliza Coat £189

We all know that I am rather partial to a blazer and seeing as last season and this season I have managed to accrue two check coats, it wasn't a huge surprise that I was drawn to this like a moth to a flame.  I honestly don't think I can justify this for one second but boy am I going to try..... 

British Tweed Blazer £149  Absolutely perfect with any jeans shape, ideal with khaki trousers.  Dress up for work with a shirt and capri pants, dress down over a tee, thin knit jumper and/or shirt.  Shoe wise, any flats, including the dreaded New Balance which I have to say I am maybe coming around to again for the A/W.....

Going back to navy and I know I said I preferred the pink coat, well I do, but this isn't really a coat as it's under knitwear so it's well and truly a cardigan... (see what I did there?)

Of course, I have my green coat from last year from Zara which I have to say I can't wait to get out again but if you didn't get one of those, then please can someone buy this in navy as it is just perfect.  And totally ideal for those inbetweeny months. 

Curzon Coatigan in navy £129

Although I have to say this shade of blue with navy and/or black for the A/W..... 

Curzon Coatigan in Gemstone £129

Staying with knitwear which Boden do so well, I am particularly taken by their collared tops. 

This one in black and grey I love.  Merino Collared Jumper £59  They do have other colourways too. 

However the first thing I shall be pressing Purchase on is the Sparkle Collar Breton top.  Pure lust.  I love the idea of this under a navy blazer, under my navy duster coat with denim or navy accessories.  Or mixing it up with my check Hobbs navy coat and gold ballet flats.  Even with leopard print - LOVE the idea of adding something a different print and just adding gold accessories. 

In love.  Absolutely genius idea. 

Sparkle Collar Breton top £39

Alternatively in Raven and Soft Blush.  Not sure I can get my head round this one as it seems to be brown to me but that may be the layers of sheeite that are on my laptop screen somewhat distorting the colour.... I would assume Raven would be black??  Anyone know? If it was black, pink and silver - oh hello...... 

Sparkle Collar Breton £39

Jeans wise, definitely think these are worth a try.  Love the zip detailing and dark grey is a great alternative to black. 

Casual Zip Jeans in Raven £59  (aha - they call these raven and that's a dark grey by all accounts.. hmmm dark grey and pink - yup that could work for the jumper above) 

Personally I would definitely be getting these, if I didn't already have a pair of khaki zip jeans.  Mine are 5 years old and to be honest could be doing with the zip replacing as I have worn them so so so much.  Actually how much is it to get a zip replaced?  It may just be worth getting these as they do them in a long..... 

Casual Zip Jeans in Faded Fatigue £59

I haven't even started on the shoes yet, I shall save those for another day.  But suffice to say there are some utterly utterly divine ones that aren't online yet.  Bejewelled within an inch of their life - they have my name all over them for sure, even if I just buy them to gaze at. 

Anything else caught your eye from what's online so far?  Am trying to work out my Need List from my Wish List..... I shall be back on this topic. 

Finishing with my outfit from yesterday. 

It was rather chilly here to be fair - not nearly as warm as it has been although it did get jollier in the afternoon and then absolutely tipped it down all evening and all night.  Hence me thinking it wasn't the worst idea in the world to have a look at A/W stock! 


Linen pale blue stripe shirt - Mango

White cut off jeans - Zara 
Navy blazer - Zara
Champagne espadrilles - Penelope Chilvers 
Tan bag - Prada 

Now of course I'm on a roll with new season goodies and the Wish List is growing by the day.  Must. Be. Strong...... Has anyone else caved on new season stock yet?  Come on, fess up and make me feel better at just looking, pretty please?

Monday, 28 July 2014

How to survive the Summer Holidays....

...without a) rewarding yourself with the contents of the Whistles pre fall collection for not selling any offspring to the circus or b) drowning yourself in a vat of wine.

It is possible to do.  I will admit that usually in the holidays and pre a holiday I do like a little treat to boost my wardrobe but this year, honestly, I don't think I need anything (all faint now).  Maybe it's because we're going away in the UK and so the chances of me needing to wear a bikini are zero, maybe it's because I usually go away earlier and I'm now all about the A/W, maybe because I'm shopped out (again, all faint now) 

Either way, I don't feel the need to add anything to my holiday wardrobe (clearly this won't last)

But I have a couple of other great solutions that won't be a burden on either my burgeoning wardrobe or my liver.  I can't promise the same for your bank account but we all need a treat now and again (compared to lawyer's fees for the alternative, I think we're good) 

It's basically beauty related.  Yes I know, I don't do beauty and compared to most I am a total rank amateur.  This is obviously recognised as the team at No 6 Clinic in Tunbridge Wells, asked if, pre the onslaught of the holidays, would I like to try one of their IV Vitamin Infusions

As my laziness knows no bounds and this beauty ritual involves lying down, chatting to the rather lovely Nadine for half an hour with the promise of an instant energy boost for the day and weeks ahead, who was I to say no? 

And it was the ideal pick me up - I would call it an inside out facial - which is fab considering I loathe any form of facial or massage.  A Spa day to me is my idea of total hell, so being in and out in half an hour was a massive plus for me.   They are based in Tunbridge Wells and they have very kindly offered 10% off any IV Vitamin Infusion in August with Nadine, if you mention the blog when booking.  

My infusion was a Vit C and Magnesium mix and I have really felt fab for the first week of the hols - mission totally accomplished.  An added bonus is that my skin feels brighter and the whites of my eyes are definitely clearer (which is a minor miracle knowing what a lush I am). I definitely have more energy and, dare I say it, more patience.  I only wish I could set up a drip at home.  

So that's the first recommendation on my list, second is the fake tan.  I cannot be doing with lying out in the sun anymore, it just doesn't happen.  I have mentioned this previously but I am being asked all the time, what do I use? I have been assured that this is because it does look pretty good and not because I look like an Oompah Loompah and people would like to know what to avoid.  

Can I please point out that this is what I buy - I haven't been given it, I buy this and whilst I could buy (and have definitely bought) more expensive brands, I genuinely think this is better.  My second choice would be St Tropez but honestly, this a) lasts longer and b) fades better.  And when you are as utterly lazy as I am with the attention to detail of a sloth, then the less work you have to do the better. 

All hail the Cocoa Brown tan.  The rules, as I have mentioned previously but for those who weren't paying attention, are as follows.  You MUST use a mitt.  And you MUST use the mousse.  If you don't - I absolve myself of all responsibility for what occurs. 

This is the set I bought in Ireland from Penneys and for those who want to either give it a go or/and who are travelling, this is ideal.  Ryanair appropriate (assuming that you are one of the 99% of RA travellers who would rather wear all your clothes than pay to put your suitcase in the hold?  This will only make sense if you travel a lot with them and if you have any Irish family, you will know exactly what I'm talking about) 

And at Feel Unique, there is 15% off everything (according to their website..) using the code JULYSUN. 

Cocoa Brown Ultimate Travel Set £9.99

Specific Mousse wise, I like the One Hour Tan (haven't tried the darker one as I find the normal one dark enough) £7.99

Clearly any self tan mitt will do but theirs is cheaper than most at £2.99 

I've also been asked, what do I do?  Well, I shave my legs (I've found this much better than waxing for self tanning) and I exfoliate.  When I say I exfoliate, I mean I use a body scrub - and that's where the secret starts and ends.  I do like the Rough Stuff from Cocoa Brown but my favourite is definitely from The Sanctuary. 

The Sanctuary Salt Scrub £11.50 from Boots (on 3 for 2 at the moment I think....) 

I then put body lotion on my dry bits, so knees, feet and elbows and apply the mousse with the mitt.  I honestly can't tell you how easy it is and until you do it, I know you won't believe me (PLEASE comment if you've used it to prove how easy it is!)  And that's it.  It fades evenly, I probably only do it once every five days.  I only exfoliate the shower before I'm going to reapply, otherwise I just shower as normal, pat lightly dry (don't rub) and apply normal body lotion. 

It really is that simple. 

And whilst we're talking of holiday prep, I spied these earlier today in Marks and Spencers - of vital use to me going to Suffolk (not) but if you are going abroad (especially with my beloved RyanAir) then these are genius.  I originally saw the Anya Hindmarch version which is the ultimate for the person who has everything. 

In-flight travel bag £150 from Matches 

Or you could get handy with a small gold bow and have these with enough left over for a whole outfit. 

Outstanding Value Clear cosmetic bags set of 3 £6 from M&S

Hair wise now - again, I am lazy (honestly, verging on slovenly) in that I only wash it once a week and am ridiculously lucky in that I have good hair genes (my nails on the other hand - what God gives with one hand, he takes away with the other...) 

But whilst I have a lot of it and my wonderful hairdresser Daniel Jordan can work absolute wonders with it, it is classic Irish frizz.  Lots of it but fine, coarse and frizzy. 

My saving grace that I have mentioned before, is my Babyliss Big Hair.  The thing of dreams for those of us with untameable hair.  

Babyliss New Big Hair £45 (but I wonder if you can use the above code with it - it does say it's site wide...)

Over the years I have tried many many different shampoos and conditioners but I constantly come back to the same brand that I have now been using for 17 years.  First discovered them when I lived in America in the late 90's (oh dear god that was actually nearly 20 years ago.  How?  Seriously how?  It was yesterday) and I have never found anything as good and I have tried pretty much all of them.  

My go to every time is Redken All Soft (if you have similar hair and have a holy grail product, do let me know.  Whilst I always come back to the All Soft, I am a total hair product tart in the hope of getting lucky with something else!) 

Redken All Soft shampoo £9.90 (pre 15% off) 

And as I only wash my hair once a week, I use the Heavy Cream as a conditioner. 

Redken Heavy Cream Conditioner £15.90

I'm also going to try the Argan-6 Oil as I think the range is so great and I've been meaning to try a Moroccan oil for ages.

Redken All Sofr Argan-6 Oil £19.50

Now these above aren't treats exactly as they last forever but the one thing that I cane through and have very specific tastes regarding, is perfume.  I love a fragrance, as I have mentioned before, they are real memory makers to me (as crap as it sounds it's true).  Each holiday I like to have a new perfume (hours of research believe me - I am such a total saddo) as every time I smell it, the memories it brings back are fab and very specific (touch wood, up till now we've always had great hols!) 

So my chosen fragrance for this year is from a company called Connock of London.  Seeing my quest for a new fragrance on Twitter, they sent me a sample to try and fair dos to their marketing, it paid off as I am about to place an order for a bottle.  And whilst I'm there I may as well get the shower gel too.  This should hopefully coincide with our new bathroom so everyone's a winner. 

Their scent is called Kukui Eau de Parfum and it's £75 for 100 ml which isn't the cheapest but it's an EDP and from the tiny tester that I had, you only need the smallest squirt and it lasts all day - unlike so so many EDTs which seem to fade after an hour or so.  

What's it like?  Errr nice?  Seriously though, I would say it's a very fresh floral, the only other one I think that is vaguely reminiscent of it is Acqua Di Parma's Magnolia Nobile (which I also love but actually is much more expensive) 

And so there we have a brief round up (although as per usual this has taken me about a day longer than my usual fashion diatribe I bore you with, hence it's today and not yesterday that you're reading this) of my alternative treats and must haves that aren't wearable, for the Summer hols.  Any other tips - all gratefully received. 

Finishing with outfits from the last couple of days. 

Saturday for brunch with the family and then I took the boys swimming and met up with some friends in the afternoon. 


Grey and black linen dress - Next
Black patent sliders - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang
Straw hat - Zara

And out for dinner on Saturday night with friends.  Ended up at 1.30 am drinking Espresso Martinis, as you do.... (god they're good.  Not so good the next day mind...) 


Blush pleat dress - Cos
Leopard pony skin lace up shoes - Zara
Black clutch bag - Tory Burch 

It's pouring with rain here tonight, so I'm off to peruse some cosy A/W new stock.  You have been warned.

Friday, 25 July 2014

So marching on.

With our little sales list firmly in our hands whilst we sit here sweltering in the heat.  Whilst we're here actually, I'm going to say it and I'm only going to say it once.... I think I might be ever so slightly bored of wearing shorts..... Yes, totally blasphemous to even think those thoughts, let alone utter them out loud but, well, I am. 

And no I'm NOT going to buy another pair - I can count on my hands the number of weeks I have left of wearing them.  I'll get my coat. 

Speaking of coats - actually we're not speaking of coats today.  This rather spectacularly sunny Friday, I'm talking trousers.  My sensible hat is rather slipping from my sweaty forehead which I'm trying to ignore but I am soldiering on regardless. 

My trousers of choice for the A/W and also - hell, you can wear them out tonight or tomorrow night - or any night for that matter, with a little print top and a pair of strappy sandals or stilettos.  For work, they still work in this heat (I'm assuming that people don't tend to wear short shorts to work these days?  City shorts are a hard one to get right... so these are the perfect option)  Not tight tight but fitted enough to be smart. 

And cropped - in at the ankle.  Too long and they look wrong diddly and too short, we're delving into clam digger territory (I predict these will no doubt be making a come back in the coming years mind you) 

In the winter, I love these with, yes knee highs to keep your ankles warm (don't laugh, they have made great advancements in the last couple of years and no longer cut off the circulation to your lower calf and feet) and brogues, loafers, slipper shoes or ballet flats for Hepburn style chic.  In the evening I wear mine with either sandals or stilettos again (not reinventing the wheel here as you may have noticed...) 

Ideal with a little jumper (see yesterday), shirt and sweatshirt or blouse.  Little top as per the summer, for out in the evening and you're off.  These are trousers that will work for every occasion and with the majority of tops that you have in your wardrobe.  

My proviso is obviously that mine are machine washable but I do understand with trousers, some of you do not have as low expectations of washing care as I do and dry clean is pretty much fine. 

My pair are black which I find work perfectly for my wardrobe but I also would love a navy or cream pair.  Red would be an ideal colour if you have lots to go with it. 

Print wise, I also ventured into my first pair of floral capri pants last season and they will definitely be getting lots of wear as soon as the sun decrees I can put my legs away.  A print pair are amazing for adding interest to an otherwise plain set of basics.  Invest in a great set of basic plain tops and a coat and then let your legs do the talking. 

So starting with some print trousers that are total bargain territory now. 

Bistro Crop Trousers from Boden were £59 now £17.70 The black in these means I think they're perfect for a black top and black coat, or even a cream top and black coat.  Lots of opportunities for the Winter but ideal now with a brighter top like here.  Even in the A/W it would still look amazing with a coral jumper.  (and I know I've said it before, but I love the addition of a stripe layer with it) 

Or the navy star spot ones.  Love the idea of these will all black or all navy for a slight twist on a classic Parisian look (I'll be coming back to these - clearly it is my annual obsession) 

Bistro Crop Trousers in navy star spot were £59 now £35.40

Now don't laugh - these are from Viyella.  Yes it's the brand that gets the most ribbing in that it's the one I exceptionally rudely diss for being for people of a certain age.... (err me supposedly).  But I came across these and didn't even look at the brand.  You would honestly never know they were from there.  These with a plain or striped top would look amazing.  I love the idea of a denim capri too - the perfect "looks smart" but is actually casual and easy to wear option.  Snarfing down yet more humble pie as I type. 

Viyella Floral Denim Capri Pants was £79 now £39

In cream at Mint Velvet was £69 now £55  and fear not - these do go in the machine. Teamed with black here but love the idea of this colour with navy or greys. 

They also do the black version but they're not in the sale. 

Mint Velvet Capri pants in black £69

Ditto the Pearl which is their gorgeous silvery grey shade.  Ideal with whites, for teaming with prints or navy or black. 

Pearl Cotton Capri Pants £69

Boden have a fab plain red pair, again in the sale. 

Bistro Crop Trouser in Red was £59.90 now £29.50

Jaeger may not be the cheapest but they are absolutely ace at making things that are machine washable, which actually, is pretty unusual for smart expensive trousers.  So these ones in the sale in navy are a great investment.  I love the button detail - just that little extra something. 

And everything from Jaeger in the sale currently comes with an extra 20% off which is applied at the checkout... Who says it's worth waiting for new season stock?!

Jaeger Button Detail Navy Capri Pants were £99 now £75 pre extra 20% off.

In White £75 pre discount 

Or red....

Personally my choice would be the pale pink for the end of the Summer but also into the winter months teamed with greys and whites. 

Pale Pink 

Textured black print (be warned - dry clean but they are amazing) also at Jaeger. 

Matelasse Capri Trousers were £125 now £75 pre extra discount (£60!)

Now these are plain in that they're not print but not plain plain.  Added interest in the texture and of course a bit of bling - gotta love a gold thread....  Ideal for every day with a cream, black or plain white blouse.  Just add extra accessories to tailor for each occasion. 

Bistro Crop Trousers from Boden in metallic tweed was £89 now £35.60

Or the Silver version - metallic Jacquard Boden call it - love the idea of these with charcoals and white.  These ones were £89.90 and are now only £17.80.... ooooh.

So are you already a fan of the capri trousers or is it something new that you can see working for you?  Not many pictorial examples of ones with flats here but believe me when I say they work so so well.  Or do you plan on doing another style of trousers this A/W?  Would love some more inspiration if so - any excuse for a shop. 

Finishing with pics from yesterday and today, for us the start of the holidays.  First day spent with friends swimming and having lunch, ending the day at a local farm for live music, raspberry picking and a champagne picnic.  Not a bad way to start the hols.  The most stunning sunset, hence my hair looks red in this pic! 


Paint splatter effect black and white jumpsuit - M&S
Denim jacket - Red Herring at Debenhams 
Hat - Zara
White Sliders - River Island 

And today for a day with my two boys.  Lunch at Wagamamas and then more swimming and supper with friends.  


Silk print shorts - Zara
White vest - Reiss
Cream and white silk top - Zara
White sliders - River Island 
Hat - Sainsburys
Tan bag - Prada 

Tomorrow the start of the first weekend of the hols.  Brunch with the kids, we have some stools to paint and then out for dinner with friends.  Couldn't think of a better way to start the holidays.  Hope everyone is still enjoying the sunshine (although I have to say, I am more interested in hearing how the start of your A/W wardrobe is coming along - any amazing sales bargains to report?!)